Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A real blog at last?

I'm posting a link that my friend Ryan gave me. He's a poet, writer, philosopher and teacher. The link is:


It's about digital storytelling. In its "Resources" section, I read an article tonight called "Is Digital Storytelling a Movement." (I'm avoiding my midterm.) In it, the author talks about how accessible storytelling is now... that more people are telling their stories than ever. I'm wondering why. Is it the flashiness of this new medium? Is it easier to tell a story with words, pictures and music than it is with just words? How is digital storytelling different than our more traditional storytelling models? Is its popularity due to its newness?

Just thinkin'.

(Additional note: I found this article on the same site about digital stories in the classroom. It has some interesting thoughts from someone who has actually incorporated digital stories into his teaching.

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